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Blue-toned smart city buildings with data and communication icons, symbolizing Sonaar's data-driven public market analysis

Leveraging data to predict public tenders

Sonaar changes the way you prospect public markets. We preemptively identify upcoming tenders by leveraging thousands of data sources, empowering you to position yourself ahead of the process and raising your chances of winning the bid.


We allow suppliers to adopt a proactive approach

We know that being proactive in the tendering process greatly enhances your chances of securing the tender. That’s why our platform and the insights we provide are crafted for proactive engagement. Stay ahead by obtaining accurate information at the right time, strategically positioning yourself for future tenders.

Interface showing engagement between user and suppliers, highlighting Sonaar's AI-driven supplier matching for public sellers


We cover both tenders above and below the threshold

The majority of tenders are never published on the state platform and are only shared with a few selected parties. Sonaar grants comprehensive access to tenders, both above and below the publication threshold, connecting you with over 5,000 public entities across Belgium — opening the door to an expansive pool of potential clients for your business.


Strategic insights on each prospect and tender

Plunge into a treasure trove of strategic insights for every public entity. Uncover their forthcoming tender opportunities, extensive tender history, current suppliers, and evaluation criteria. Remain updated on the latest news and identify elusive signals to fine-tune your strategy. Also, access the contact details of key decision-makers to transform this intelligence into effective actions and markedly increase your success rate.

Stylized AI letters inside a holographic cube, showing Sonaar's advanced predictive algorithms for public tender analysis

Predictive algorithm

Leveraging an extensive database on public procurement, Sonaar's predictive models are designed for precision and insight. We scrutinize complex data patterns to predict future tenders, presenting only those that align with your specifications.

Isometric smart city with light beams shooting upwards, depicting Sonaar's early access to tenders through public collabs

Processing data

We meticulously scan millions of documents with advanced technologies to extract accurate data points and in-depth insights, custom to each specific industry, often revealing to the market details for the first time ever, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Sourcing data

Sonaar leverages government APIs, extracts insights from thousands of unstructured data sources, and engages directly with public entities to build the most extensive dataset on public tenders and entities, encompassing both open and proprietary data.

Unveiling hidden gems of information

Leveraging data and AI

Sonaar employs Large Language Models to scrape, analyze, predict, and match vast amounts of data.

National suppliers

For SMEs and large organisations with a national reach

Email notifications

National coverage

4 touch points for each tender

Access to the platform

Offer restricted to 1 activity

Integration with selected CRM’s

Local suppliers

For smaller organisation with a local reach

Email notifications

Range of 50km around HQ

3 touch points for each tender

Offers restricted to 1 activity

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Avenue Louise 231, 1050 Bruxelles

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We're committed to making public tenders as easy, fair, and efficient as any other B2B relationship


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